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Vacation During the Pandemic

As per World Health Organization, the total number of COVID-19 positive cases blew up to 130 million in March 2021. Since it flared up last December 2019, the virus has continuously obstructed the lives of people. Moreover, this pandemic has drastically affected the economy and its sectors—tourism on top of all. As a result, many have postponed their plans on traveling and going on vacations.

Fortunately, some countries have controlled the virus's spread and have finally adapted to the present condition after more than a year of strict health protocol implementations. To know further, here is the list of some places you can visit for a vacation amidst the Coronavirus Infestation, including protocols and requirements:


Iceland’s action towards the pandemic is its key factor in flattening the curve line of existing cases. Henceforth, they were able to open their borders to tourists and travelers. The country has many attractions to offer—the Multihued Rhyolite Mountains, Heklavolcano, and extensive lava fields in Ladmannalaugar National Park. However, their airports, such as Keflavik International Airport, are very strict with entry requirements and travel protocols. Primarily, entering their borders will mandate you to show a complete vaccination certificate or certification of previous COVID infection; upon arrival, it is also necessary to have COVID-19 testing and quarantine.

New Zealand

New Zealand has made its name reputable, as it is one of the top-performing countries in terms of COVID-19 response. They are now very low at risk from the virus, which enabled them to open their tourism sector. Still, their government remained cautious, implementing an alert level 1 in every place in the country. Besides, the country also limits travel to a domestic level; otherwise, entering their borders is only open for essential purposes. In general, New Zealand travelers have to follow minimum health protocols such as wearing a facemask and social distancing.


Mauritania is a country in Africa that has imposed effective control on the spread of Coronavirus. As a result, their borders are now open for travelers who wish to have a vacation. However, they only allow travelers who have gotten fully vaccinated to avoid the worst possibilities. Moreover, traveling through all sorts of transportation going and within the country, mandates wearing a facemask and maintaining 6-feet of physical distancing. Some of the airports that administer international flights are Nouakchott International Airport, Atar International Airport, and Tidjikja Airport.


Nepal has always been a country full of great places, making it ideal for vacations. Recently, they opened their borders for tourists who are capable of providing their entry requirements. Upon arrival at its international airports, its personnel will ask for the negative COVID-19 test result from the past 72 hours. They accept various types of Coronavirus tests, including RT-PCR, NAAT, GeneXpert, etc. Moreover, they will also check their temperature and disinfect them in the airport. In some cases, the travelers might be required to have a 5-day quarantine, depending on their physical condition. Lastly, vacationists who originated from South Africa and the UK are required to have a hotel reservation at least five days before their arrival.

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